Friday, July 22, 2011

Couple of struggle-y days

Tuesday and Wedsnesday I really struggled with wanting to just eat.

On Tuesday I'd gone for a run at the end of the day, and I felt better about how I'd managed. Wednesday I ate loads before we'd even left the house, I went out at 8.30am wondering how I'd last til dinner. As it was there was only wheat filled stuff available at the soft play centre, and I spent enough time with another Home Ed mum chatting that I forgot about the urge to eat.

Thursday morning I'd eaten all my days propoints by 10-11am. I just wolfed down yoghurt, realising how many propoints I was using, and stopped when I reached my allowance - so not *totally* binging, but not sensible eating. Then I clocked what was wrong. Since being on the nexplanon I've not had to go as much. Suddenly clicked that I was constipated, bloated and my eating lots of sugary dairy was a fairly in-tune attempt to shift it.

So chugged lots of water, had some fruit and bought myself Senna while out doing jobs. This morning things are back in working order (so sorry for info, but I've learnt something here!)

When I stopped and really thought/felt what was going on, the urge to eat dissapated. I knew how to fix it, feel comfy again, and I did. Today is back on track, eaten my planned breakfast of omlette at 7.30 and now at 11.30 I'm thinking about beginning to prepare lunch and what to do with the afternoon.

Peek at the scale this morning showed me 206, which is a decent 3lb loss. Would be happy with that on Monday! Takes me 2lb past my 10% goal, and just another 3lbs til my 2nd stone off.

Wednesday -
11834/4404steps (4.9miles)
32/32 propoints & 5/37 weekly (1451/1250 cals)

Thursday -
14730 /4404steps (6.5miles)
32/32 propoints (1282/1250 cals)

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