Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day before weigh-in jitters

It's my own fault for treating the scales at home like a trampoline, bouncing on and off them over and over, but I *hate* to see fluctuation!!

Saturday morning I saw 208lb on the scale, which is my 10% goal weight, then this morning I was back at 211, boo. Came the closest that I've been to bingey-thinking, since being back on track for 3 weeks. Felt myself thinking 'Fine, if I'm not going to hit it anyway then I'll have an extra portion of dinner, or a chocolate bar...' realised fairly quickly where I was headed and the moment I realised I was back in control. But those thoughts are very definately still there, just under the surface.

As it was I stuck to plan, stuck to tracking, and made it my mission to get the bronze Piggy instead! And I did. ^_^

Very chuffed that I'm able to exercise again, after struggling with so much pain for weeks. Thinking about working 30 mins WiiFit into my morning routine each day now, building back up to 'proper' exercise.

So, ignoring the scales now, hoping today's weird up-trend disappears for weigh in!

Sunday -
10210/4341steps (4.25 miles)
32/33 propoints (1268/1270 cals)

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