Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog tired

 Busy, fun, exciting tiring day. We went to meet with 3 other local mums who are Home-Educating their young sprogs. Going to make it a weekly thing now as the kids (and the women) got on really easily ^_^

Meant being out of the house by 8am, eating not much else until I got in a 5pm. I ate a couple of Rice Krispy Squares to tide me over and with all the fresh air/walking/chatting I was soooo tired.

How many calories does happy nerves burn?!

Wore some new linen trousers that I bought last month - size 18 so I knew they'd fit. When I got them home they didn't. :s Felt awful. Now they fit so easily. I'm not happy that I'm back UP in 18's, but I am happy that I've managed to get back into them!

Nearly doubled my steps challenge today - noted that after 7.5 miles walking I was ready for a rest, but not in pain, whoot!

out, about and making new friends ^_^

Wednesday -
17370 /4341steps (7.25miles)
33/33 propoints (1302/1270 cals)

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