Monday, July 25, 2011

eating a tassimo a fortnight,,

I wanted to get myself a gift to mark my 10% loss. Every stone I'm getting a treat in the form of a tat. So I wondered what I could have for this milestone.

I've wanted a latte machine for *so* long, but thought they were way too expensive, not just the initial outlay, but the cost of £4 for 8 cups worth of coffee.

Calculated that I *had* been eating about £50-60 worth of extra, unnecessary junk each week at my worst. So far this means that I've saved up to £200 in 4 weeks, even after deducting weightwatchers fees. Suddenly the £120 machine didn't seem as extravagant. If I'm having just 1 coffee a day as my 'treat' to myself, that costs less than £4 a week, as opposed to £50. Again, suddenly seemed very reasonable.

So I'd decided on a tassimo smart machine, then my SIL's fiance posted a rave review on facebook about his new T40 machine. Decision made! I popped to Sainsburys and the *only* coffee maker in stock was the T40, and there was just one left, in the colourway I'd hoped to find. Meant to be!

Had my first cup (of latte macchiato, with a shot of vanilla syrup, nom!) this evening, and it was totally lush. Feeling very rewarded!!


  1. LOVE those meant to be moments! Do you find when you dither over a decision you leave it to fate and look for a sign? I'm always doing that lol

    Can't stand coffee though, I almost wish I did sometimes!


  2. *gets whiplash nodding*

    YES> this is how I knew I *must* have the tassimo. Makes it lots easier.

    I had to teach myself to love coffee as a student. It took a while, but now I love it.