Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fixing myself better

Struggled today - my own fault, I guess I was too confident in how well things are going. I had fallen asleep early for me last night - in bed by about 11pm, and hadn't preplanned today. We only had enough eggs left for me to do Sam's breakfast, but I knew I had lots more arriving at about 9am with the Sainsburys delivery, so waited to eat.

By the time I'd unpacked the delivery, I'd found a pack of tikka chicken in the fridge that needed eating by tomorrow, so I had that instead. Then around 11 I had a weightwatchers toffee bar that I'd bought at the meeting yesterday. I thought I'd been careful in checking there was no wheat, but a few minutes later my breathing was off and I felt knackered.

Next stupid moment was assuming I was hungry, I went straight for more bars and ate three altogether  before clocking what had happened. I gave the others to the girls and drank lots of water. A couple of hours later I had a headache brewing and felt like I was crashing. Stupid decision (not really a decision, I did it without thinking) was to fob it off with a(nother) sugar rush in the shape of several of the kid's fromage frais.

All my points gone (thank feck I'd had a chunky veggie soup at lunch) and I've got a sore diaphragm and not much energy to show for it.

BUT I did pull it back, realised what had happened and spent 10 minutes tracking food for tomorrow to ensure that it won't be repeated. It's almost like I'm learning from my mistakes!

Tuesday -
5268/4261 steps
34/34 daily points (1293/1300 calories)

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