Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter & my first 'treat' in 3 weeks

Saw the final Harry Potter film tonight, feels really weird to have it all wrapped up - remember reading the first book at 13 years old.

I knew I'd want something sweet and munchy while at the cinema, so had added a bar of Green & Blacks butterscotch to my grocery order this week. It is my *favourite* ever chocolate, and it has sat, untouched in the back of the cupboard where I put it after unpacking Tuesday morning.

THIS IS HUGE for me. To enjoy it as a one off tasty treat, not to want to replace my proper food wth it. Not to let it set me off binging. Amazing.

Don't know what we'll be doing with this weekend, but each day;
  • I will be on track
  • I will drink my water
  • I will walk over 10,000 steps
Also hoping to fit in 2 x 30 minute Wii fit sessions to get my little piggy bronze again!

Thursday -
12008/4341steps (5miles)
33/33 propoints (1261/1270 cals)

Friday -
12262/4341steps (5.1miles)
32/33 propoints (1213/1270 cals)

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