Sunday, July 03, 2011

HUGE victory

I almost (as close to almost as a weightwatching fatty can get) don't mind what the scales say tomorrow, because today was such a success control-wise.

Was a busy day, had to get the smalls and the husbeast fed and ready to get to the village fete, then take Seth down for his beavers parade at the parish church. Sit *quietly* through a very trad. eucarist and then rush to get the 11.40 train to make the next two connections to get to the in-law's for the big birthday park party. Full on day, hot, lots of party food and I stuck to plan. Best bit - I didn't feel deprived at all ^_^

This is feeling right again.

Oh, and Sam has been fab, avoided wheat (including much cake) and has dropped 5-6lbs this week too.

12265 steps
Ate 36/36 daily propoints and 1 weekly point (1621 calories)
5 fruit&veg portions
2 litres of water.

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