Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you're still pretty at the end then you did it wrong

One week ago I felt brave and thought I'd attempt the day 1 c25k 'run'. Now I've completed the first week!

Still so, so slow, but I'm going and pushing and getting stronger every step. Tonight it hit me that I am going out at this size, while it's still light, and running where there are other people. I'm aware they can see me red faced, limping along, fat. I care, but I care *more* that I keep going. My health means more to me now. Finally.

Going to continue with the plan, as so far I'm not having any back pain due to it, as had been expected. There are about 9 weeks left until my birthday, it's two months today. With 8 weeks left on c25k I could complete it in that time. To be running 5k again by then would feel just so good. I'm loving the difference in how I feel after 25lbs and just one month, another two months and regular running would make me feel fantastic I'm sure!

Just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and I'll be there.

Tuesday - 
13470/4489steps (5.6 miles)
32/32 propoints (1308/1230 cals)


  1. Way to go Joy! You're doing it! I used to think about all my jiggly parts when I ran, and what people driving by must think about it. When I told my hubby about it, he replied, "but you're doing something about it! Are they?" He was right. I don't care what you look like, if you're out there trying to get it done...good on you!

  2. by the way, what is that app you're using there?

  3. Your hubby is absolutely right. I just kept thinking how these same people will see me in a few months, fit and strong. ^_^

    I use the C25K app from Bluefin Software, LLC. it's the top hit now in the AppStore if you search 'c25k'

  4. You're so right twilighttwinsjewels! (what a name BTW!)

    Joy, to be very honest here, you don't actually *look* fat. A bit overweight maybe, and I know you're goign by weight and size and all, and I know I'm turning this in to a rambly mess, but what I mean is to reassure!
    The UK is averagely overweight - you're not unusual and I really doubt people are staring. You look pretty good while running too - is that pic AFTER a run?! Yeesh you wanna see me!


  5. I didn't feel fat when I was living in Leicester - the average there is a lot of people a fair bit overweight. Where I am now, I am definately a bigger one!

    That pic is during a run, and I was gooey!! Felt better by telling myself that meant I'm doing it right. lol.

    I'm sure you're right and no-one is staring, but my head has been messed up like this for so long, it's taking a while to unlearn the stuff I've repeated at myself all this time. :s

    I like the idea that I don't look fat, but I am. With my waist size being *double* what it should have been, there's not much way around that!