Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July / week two

A 14.5LB LOSS IN ONE WEEK! I knew I felt better, but whoa. Back pain is negligible most of the time the last few days, and I'm not feeling too tired to get up and do stuff of a morning. 8.5lbs to go to my 10%. Joked with the leader that I'd be there in a week or two, then realised that I really could. I know the first couple of weeks can show a dramatic loss before it all stabilises.

previous weight - 231 BMI 39.8
current weight - 216.5 BMI 37.2
loss - 14.5lb
% lost - 6.28%

After meeting yesterday I took the halflings to the park, then wandered home with ice creams (them, not me!) Had my mum pop up for a cuppa before chucking dinner on and herding them all out to meet Sam on his way home, gave him the smalls and took Seth to Beavers. It was my turn to be parent helper, so I (badly) demo'ed dodgeball and then walked Seth back up the 1.5mile hill.

Today is Sam's 2nd day back out to work since last October, I'm happy at how smoothly the kids have moved to getting up at 6.45 so I can do breakfast, it's making bedtime happen at 8-8.30pm so I'm not knackered and junking on sugar at 10pm.

Have a Sainsburys delivery in about 15mins, then an easy day of cleaning and a library visit planned.

Monday -
11438 steps
Ate 34/34 daily propoints (1239/1300 calories)

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