Thursday, July 28, 2011

living moderately ;)

Wednesday - 
7704/4489steps (3.2 miles)
32/32 propoints & 4/49 weekly (1363/1230 cals)

Wednesday was spent doing very house-based stuff, with the next 5 days full of me doing stuff out of the home I needed to prepare by doing as much pre-emptive housework and resting as I could with 4 smalls underfoot! Had also twisted my right ankle running on Tuesday, and had a slight ache in the calf.

We painted butterflies, made pizza, tidied the garden and finished reorganising the boys' room. Finally stuff has been put away so I can move around my bedroom without doing acrobatics.

Usually we'd have done a Home Ed outing, but the other families are all on holiday/ill/moving/out of contact, so we had a hermit day. I didn't even manage my full 10,000 steps....


Thursday we were out of the house by 8.20am, bags packed with picnic and spare clothes and off to Crystal Palace Park. We met a friend of mine and her 4 kids and had a fab day mooching about looking at sphinx and dinosaurs, getting lost in a maze and strolling about letting the kids roam a bit - not an easy thing to do living in/near London. (Seth is saying I'm forgetting the best bit, going to the playground. Yea, sitting on my bum and chatting to my friend without having to type was very cool ^_^)

note to self - get legs out *in the sun* look like the undead

I always notice that when I'm out with people I like, I don't eat. Not in a bad way - I'd packed grapes and a granola bar and ate them while we sat. But I didn't pick at food or feel antsy, just enjoyed some waffly conversation and feeling 'safe' with who I was with.

Had never thought of myself as an emotional eater, but am slowly realising the actually my 'normal' is a constant low-level anxiety, and the constant overeating was probably due to *constant* emotional upset. :s So, giving myself gentle targets/fun days/seeing people who are genuinely nice and real friends, can ONLY be a good thing. D'uh. 


(Thinking more as I type and realising that the day I ate more/not what I'd planned last week was when we went to softplay (I am so aware of the money burning :( though other parents seem to manage, and then I assume it's my fault) and met with just one other mum (who's older than me, talks about her career and the new house they've bought etc) - without realising I think I medicated the anxiety with the extra carbs (rice krispie squares). Just thinking about it now my tummy is knotted and back of my neck feels all 'prickly'. Ugh, well, it's a breakthrough I guess.


Went home via shops and got in about 15mins before Sam, quickly cooked a pasta bake, inhaled a can of soup for myself and collapsed in the bath! I forgot to take any meds before going, and felt my joints go in the heat. Even though my ankle/calf was really tender from about 4pm onwards, it was fine as soon as I rested it and even with no anti-inflammatory drugs helping and limping, my back was fine. So happy.

Thursday - 
21070/4489steps (8.8 miles)
29/32 propoints (1234/1230 cals)


  1. Aww, was a lovely day! And yep, thems Cullen legs for sure lol

    Brilliant breakthrough on the emo-eating, I should keep an eye on that myself.


  2. My emo-goth-cullen legs have had 5 days of sun and are still Daz-white. *sigh*

    I didn't even realise I did it until we were talking about google+ and change and wanting wine etc.. something started to click.

  3. Haha - google+ has wizened us, my friend.