Saturday, July 16, 2011

Play-Doh as antidote to boredom eating

Found gluten free gravy and stuffing mix after a long morning shopping, so Sam cooked a big roast for us as well as my parents and sister.

I skipped the gravy, sauces and roasties, but still a slice of beef, two stuffing balls, broccoli and baby carrots were 10 points! Yummy, but ouch.

The DWP have awarded Malachi Disability Living Allowance, and with the first (backdated to claim date) payment I've been out and bought him a whole load of play-doh supplies and lots of other crafty sensory stuff, as well as easy grip silicone cooking utensils so he can join in in the cooking without me worrying about his safety around heavy glass bowls!

Already it's been fab, he chats the whole time he's playing with the stuff, and it stops him looking to food to 'do' something with. ^_^ I'd read that kids like Kai could really benefit from sensory therapy, I'm very excited at the progress we've seen since I've made crafting a part of each day's routine for him.

Hoping to get to IKEA very soon, as have a bit of money to buy more Trofast storage so we can keep the craft/art supplies well stocked and organised.

Saturday -
12789/4341steps (5.3miles)
32/33 propoints (1265/1270 cals)

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