Saturday, July 30, 2011

Race for life - 10k

Had a good couple of days (went into my weekly points yesterday to join the smalls in eating ice creams at the nature reserve, yum nom) Friday was spent doing lots of admin until about 2pm, clocking just 1000 steps, then I hustled the troops down to Sainsburys to do my last chore, and grab ice creams. Then spent 2-3 hours running about/playing/picking flowers/finding frogs.
Finished off the day with a quick play on Just Dance for the Wii. Sweaty!!

Today Seth and I did the Clapham Race for Life 10k. We got round in 1hr40 minutes. Not bad for a 6year old and a fat one who could barely walk about her flat a month ago. With my sister a year ago we did 5k in 48mins, so to do double the distance at the same speed feels ok!
Then we did Seth's stuff - walked through Lambeth to go to the Imperial War museum (tanks for the boy) and a long wished-for birthday trip the London Eye.
All in all walked nearly 30,000 steps today. Headache tonight though, probably the sun!!

Friday -
15069/4404 steps (6.3 miles)
32/32 propoints & 7/45 weekly (1481/1230 calories)

Saturday -
28105/4404 (11.9 miles)
32/32 propoints (1245/1230 calories)

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