Friday, July 01, 2011

ready for the weekend

I am feeling so ready to ignore the junk this weekend. Will have a big challenge as we'll be out from 9am-8pm both days doing various bits to celebrate MILs 60th. I've made her a cake today without sampling any though, so hope to ignore the party food, it's going to be worth it Monday morning! 

Plan to fill up with an omlette first thing, then will take soup or something to heat up when I find a kitchen!

5760 steps (though I noticed at around 3pm that it had 'paused', so may have been a fair bit more really)
Ate 36/36 daily propoints & 7 weekly points (1636 calories)
5 fruit&veg portions
2 litres of water.

Those 7 extra points were petit filous little desserts - hello sugar hit. Blurgh.

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