Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 3 - no rebound gain, whoot

Was *so* nervous about having a stay-the-same/small gain this week.
  • I had a *massive* loss last week, easily 2 weeks' worth
  • I had my period this week
  • I underate on Saturday 
Any one of those factors would be enough to have had a dismal day today. I'd been hopping on and off the scales until Friday, and saw the exact same numbers each day.
I did stick to my daily propoints, no wheat, 2litres water. No weekly/activity propoints used.

I got a 4.5lb loss, taking me to 212, lovely and close for getting out of the 210s next week.

previous weight - 216.5 BMI 37.2
current weight - 212 BMI 36.4
loss - 4.5lb
% lost - 2.08%

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