Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 5 - 25.5lb in 28 days ^_^

This week I needed just a 1lb loss to hit my 10%, I was fairly certain that it'd happen, but at the back of my mind I was very aware that losing 22lbs in the previous 3 weeks could mean I'd soon hit a maintenance week. After using a fair few weekly propoints early on I was worried it'd happen.

Thankfully that it didn't. In hindsight I reckon eating some of the weekly points may have actually helped give a better loss. Maybe it gave my metabolism the run-around so it didn't slow down. I also walked 37.4 miles and ran twice.

I'm now well into the 14 stones, and another 6lbs and I'll be under 200lbs. Huge psychological milestone. Having weekly goals in mind really seems to help, so I've set another for this week!  2.5lbs will take me to my next stone off - time for my next butterfly, I'll also be *just* obese, rather than severely obese. (At my highest weight I was dipping my toes into the border of morbidly obese).

For a fortnight now I've walked 10,000 steps a day, (1 day this week I did 500 under, but had done lots of floor cleaning, 40 minutes of activity that didn't register) If I keep this up I'll have walked the length of the UK by Christmas.
Miles walked - 37.4

previous weight - 209 BMI 35.9
current weight - 205.5 BMI 35.3
loss - 3.5lb
% lost - 1.67%

Monday -
13747/4489steps (5.7 miles)
28/32 propoints (1058/1230 cals) 

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