Thursday, July 14, 2011

When friends get it right..

There have been so many things over the last 4 years that have motivated me while I've battled the bulge. Some of those things didn't last, some were exactly what I needed at the time, but would never work again.

This time, there were so many things that forced me to jump, but the final shove was a kindly meant but blunt shove. I have a friend, Jayne, who has lost a decent amount of weight, the loss itself is secondary to the shift in lifestyle. She started running a couple years back and is now a super strong, gym bunny marathon-head.

I remember her being to shift weight as I was nearing goal in 2009, now she has been maintaining her running and toned bod, and moving forwards in making being fit and strong a mega part of her life.

Recently I noticed a few meme-type photos posted to her wall on facebook. (One is the 'choose your hard' I have to the left) I smiled at most of them, a couple made me think, yeah, I should get back on it... then this one was like a slap in the face..

Underneath she'd typed Just sayin'. I know that it wasn't for me, I'm not quite that egocentric! It did speak to me, from someone I care about, admire and would like to have think well of me.

Come on Joy, you keep saying tommorrow, it's here waiting, and has been for months. Either do what you say you want to do, or stay as you are. All you need is in you.

I've changed, I can feel it.

I'm not excusing my weight, I'm proud of how bloody strong my body is to be doing all it is despite it. The weight doesn't need/desire excusing.

I'm not in pain anymore, more than that, I'm not avoiding exercise for fear of pain. If it hurts, it hurts. I'm not going to get stronger hiding in joggers on the sofa.

I'm enjoying my food, I'm eating food that my body is enjoying. I am drinking water. I am not being obsessive either. Yes, I'm tracking, but I'm living and not spending hours a day calculating where I could be.

Last night I started looking into Gym membership, today I did 90 minutes of yoga and strength training.

I'm looking forward to the end of next month when I'll be healed and ready to start running again. I'm thinking about when/where I could slot in runs each day (well, not EACH day, but yunno what I mean)..

Every day I'm taking the chance.

I feel free.

I've changed.

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  1. Oh Joy,I am so glad to see you blogging once more,also super smiling about you finding the stuff I have to share to keep myself honest,true and accountable,equally helpful ,keep up the good work Joy x