Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When the going gets tough..

I strop but carry on regardless.

I Need To Eat Breakfast Every Morning. It Needs To Be HIGH Protein.

Hopefully that'll really sink in.

I've seen that days where I don't eat my 3 egg and cheese omlette at breakfast, I really, really struggle the rest of the day.

Tuesday is groceries day, as our CTC comes through that day. I usually set the delivery for 9am, but hadn't gotten around to doing the order until Saturday, so the earliest slot was 10am.
***** That reminded me to quickly book the earlier slot for next week - you see how this blog helps me?*****

Sam had the last of the cheese for his omlette, so I decided to be a perfect hausfrau while waiting for the delivery. Of course by 10.15, I was ravenous, kids were ready for a mid-morning snack and so out came fruit and rice krispy squares. I grabbed grapes and a chocolate orange (eyerolling-ly good) one. CARB CRASH.

Realised my mistake, chugged down water and took the halflings out to the library. Had planned to get some fresh air and to play on the green, after buying them fish&chips (our local chippy has gluten free batter Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes).

Seth had a meltdown at the library. His whatever-he's-got-going-on overtook him at the counter and he reached out and date stamped the countertop. When I told him no and asked if he'd apologise to the (scary stern) librarian, he refused (he grit his teeth, went red faced and growled..) I said I was not going to stay and check out his DVD (they all had a couple books each, but the DVD has to go on my card, and is a hire item) unless he apologised, he lost it. Punching the counter and kicking out, screaming that he wouldn't say sorry to the weird lady and that he hated me.. yadda yadda..

I felt so sad for him, managed to get him out before he hurt himself and he sat shaking and screaming on the steps for 5 minutes before I was able to get hold of his hand without him lashing out. We went to get lunch and he stood behind me growling. (Thankfully the owners' Mrs at the chippy knows me & that the boys are as they are) After sitting down and getting some food in him he calmed down, cuddled and decided 'to never ever stamp again, telling the real truth'.

BUT, I had STUPIDLY bought battered stuffs that had been deep fried in gluten free batter... with SAUSAGE MEAT. UGH.

I ate some, in an emotional kinda-hungry but mostly strung out way. Within 15minutes my stomach was griping and head pounding. Also had used I don't know how many propoints. Looking at other battered chipshop stuff, I guess 16. 0_0

Pulled it back with good dinner choices, lots of water and a 30 minute walk after dinner, but ouch I'm in pain. And rightly so - I've eaten over 100g carbs today, almost 4x as much as I feel good doing! Lesson learned (I hope!) and I'm very pleased that I didn't let the day go completely.

Tuesday -
12263 /4341steps (5.1miles)
30/33 propoints (1154/1270)

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