Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 months in ^_^

I didn't make it to weigh in yesterday, had been up since 4.30am with puke-boy. Thanks a lot Krispy Kreme. According to my horribly accurate home scales I was up 2lbs. Thanks a lot Krispy Kreme. Spent the day feeling absolutely out of it and like I was sedated. Thanks a lot Krispy Kreme.

Seriously, had not tracked the weekend. I knew what went wrong last week. Trying to claw back points instead of letting our anniversary be a day off, turned the entire week into bedlam diet-wise. By the weekend I had no points left, so thought stuff it, and just ate.

Eating a 'little bit' of wheat on the way home on Saturday turned into crashing at Hyde Park on Sunday, and searching for more fatty, sugary, pick-me-up at the station on the way home.

2 Krispy Kreme donuts = 21 propoints (!!!) and almost 800 calories. Pretty much a day's food. Scary.

Back on track yesterday, thank goodness for the bank holiday - I just mooched about indoors doing housework and keeping an eye on Seth, while Sam took the girls out.

Monday -
5377/4696 steps (2.2 miles)
31/31 propoints (1147/1200 calories)

This morning I weighed again, sure enough I'm back down to 196 fully clothed. So I'm counting this as this weeks weight for food etc. As far as my weightwatchers card is concerned I'm still at 196 too, so it works.

After a 4lb loss this week to get back on track for my butterfly blue in 2 weeks time. I've the perfect song to go with it now too. ^_^

Miles walked - 36.4

previous weight - 196 BMI 33.6
current weight - 196 BMI 33.6
loss - 0lb
% lost - 0.00%

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