Sunday, August 07, 2011


Had a fun day today - took the smalls to the next-but-one village, to feed the ducks and play in a 'new' (to them) playground. Little fluffy ducklings on the pond got a lot of attention, and bread, from the kids.

Ended up going through the photos on my very-near-capacity phone, deleting what I could, and found one taken on the train home after the Race For Life and London Eye day a week ago.

Seth and I had grabbed a late lunch at Victoria after walking about 10-11 miles. We were both really hungry and wanted 'treats'.

Looking at what Seth chose (what I would have chosen a month previous) next to what I picked *really* highlighted the changes in the way that I'm seeing food.

Sunday -
12803/4556steps (5.3 miles)
30/31 propoints (1197/1200 cals)

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