Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cut calories by getting locked out

Has been a fun, busy, outdoorsy, somewhat-stressy couple of days. We were going out and seeing friends back at Crystal Palace Park on Friday. Only had my skinny jeans to wear (major laundry backlog) and could *not* wear them with a shorter top. A forced dress #16! Another one I don't like at all - I look like a dodgy, dinnerlady stereotype. 

dress#16 - 27+312

Spent a sunny day wandering about (and eating too many carbs!) Had a sad accident and lost my pedometer. Went back to search, but looks like someone picked it up. At least I'd gone almost exactly the same route as the week before, so I counted that day for steps.

Met Sam in Croydon and went home all together, grabbing ice creams to walk back with. Got to our door at 7.30pm, and Sam snapped the key in the lock. Argh! Cue me borrowing tools (and another pedometer) from my parents, but nada.

£135 and 16 hours later, we've a new lock/handle. Kind of killed our plan to go get our anniversary ink done though. >:(

Spent today doing laundry and had an easy afternoon over at the nature reserve. Got in the w2d2 run for c25k too, pleased that I can feel things slowly getting easier already. Clever body. ^_^

Friday - 
20997/4556steps (8.7 miles)
31/31 propoints & 4 weekly (1357/1200 cals)

Saturday -
15676/4556steps (6.5 miles)
29/31 propoints (1040/1200 cals)

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