Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carb Crash

Dress #20 - 27+330

Our Eighth wedding anniversary deserved a dress. At least the girls' thought so - both wore their bridesmaid dresses for our 'weddin' day' yesterday. I had planned a very purpley get-on for our day traipsing about Brighton. Even though we didn't go, I still had a couple visitors and bin men and chip shop folk to see on our day, so wore it anyway! Plus, this dress is fitting now, and will be too big in a month or so!

Chucked my Hell Bunny full violet petticoat underneath and twirled about (pre-chocolates) with the girls in the carpark - was as close to exercise as I got for most of the day!

Quite gutted that our plans fell through, as Sam had taken the day off and it felt a bit 'wasted' just sat in eating crap. Weird, as that was 'normal' life not long ago. Depressing.

Today my head is killing me, I've cravings for all sorts and I'm fighting to stay awake. Doing the bare minimum to get through the day, hoping that eating well today will mean waking up better tomorrow.

Sam was moody with me this morning, obviously feeling the effects of yesterday too, and that set the tone for the day a bit.

After my painkillers didn't crack the headache fast enough, I went to grab the pint of ice cream I knew was in the freezer. Decided 'f*ck it - I'll just use my remaining weekly points and have a small loss again' and dug the spoon in. Then spat it out. EWwwwwww!!!

Hadn't read the desciption properly online - it's bloody banana flavour!

Thank goodness for my weirdo quirks and absolute hatred of banana, just saved me a days' worth of calories!

Banana puree *heave*

I was so close to shovelling all 964 cals in. Really need to work out how to celebrate without messing with my body.

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  1. If you figure that out (and comfort eating (nearly wrote 'comfort feeding' lol)) then let me know!