Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I predict a riot

It's been all over the news, the riots through London over the last few days. Yesterday it hit home. Croydon was like a war zone with hundreds of scumbag eejits piling into the town to loot and damage and burn.

Reeves corner, where we'd been mooching about with the smalls just hours earlier, was destroyed. A man was shot, a teenager had his arm ripped to the tendons. Kids were smashing into stores and making off with goods. Pillars of smoke, women jumping from their flats to avoid the flames creeping from below...

It's shocking, and terrifying.

Sam has been sent home early today, as he has to use London transport to get home and one Croydon station was shut yesterday, and a double decker bus set alight.

Feeling glad that I have a full week's shopping in. My family all under the roof, and our home is far enough away from any commercial property that we should be fine here. Praying for all my friends who aren't though. Sad times.

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