Thursday, August 04, 2011

In the driving seat

Focusing on sticking to it this week. The novelty is beginning to wear off and while I have good habits in place, I'm aware how easy it is to slip!!

On Tuesday I took pics of dress #15. I'd worn it to weigh in the day before, and again to the shops and library, so it certainly counts for being worn in public.

I dislike it *greatly* Horrid shapeless thing. Was grinning like a mad thing to discover a broken strap, muaha. Am plotting to chop it into headscarves now.

dress #15 - 27+309

11217/4556steps (4.7 miles)
31/31 propoints & 5 weekly (1445/1200 cals)

Spent the day with my friend Lolly on Wednesday, she'd had an operation last week, so journeyed over to her with the smalls and spent an afternoon in the sun at the park. Even though it was really quite sticky and warm, I went and did w2d1 of c25k, still some pulling in the calves, but stretching out is helping.

18242/4556steps (7.6 miles)
30/31 propoints (1127/1200 cals)

Today I faced a huge fear, went well outside my comfort zone, I had my first ever driving lesson worrying, and feeling really narked off with everyone and everything. Narrowly avoided eating my worry, instead did loads of cleaning.
The lesson went really well, now I've got 7 days grace until I have to get out there and go for it again!

6607/4556steps (2.7  miles)
31/31 propoints (1205/1200 cals)

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