Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stronger week.

It's been an OK week, lots of errand-running and trying to clear my 'jobs' so this weekend I have nothing extra needing to be done while I'm solo-parenting.

Tuesday we did our usual library visit and park trip - with the new scooters that had arrived that morning, lots of squabbling over who had a turn next (they're expensive, so the girls are sharing one and Seth has one on credit while he pays me back)! Completed week 3 of the C25K, but felt quite breathless, couldn't work out why but it felt allergy based. :/

Tuesday -
10909/4672 steps (4.5 miles)

31/31 propoints (1182/1200 cal)

Spent Wednesday in Reigate. My mum-in-law had been away for 4 weeks in her caravan and had a few days back before she was off again. Spent a few hours in the sun at Priory park then back to hers to meet Sam. The kids and Sam had a (gluten free - thankyou M-I-L) dinner while I popped to the tattoo studio for a    quickie! It's a smallish design on my lower leg, based on a wrap (woven cloth carrier for 'wearing' babies/children) by Didymos, called 'Pfau'. My first wrap, over 6 years ago, was a didymos. The Pfau design is over 30 years old and I have loved it (despite the retro garishness) since I first saw it! I love babywearing for saving me as a mother, want to carry the memories of the beautiful times with me always, even if my broodlings get too big to physically carry anymore!

Wednesday -
15763/4672 steps (6.6 miles)
31/31 propoints & 6 weekly (1467/1200 cal)

Thursday we were out of the house fairly early, on our way to Oxted to get stuff sorted at the council. Still all up in the air after Sam starting back at work and Kai getting DLA (and me getting Carer's Allowance). Our tax credits have all changed and I've been drowning in claim forms and calculations. Today's visit *should* get everything in order, and we're finally on top of monthly in/outgoings.
Met my mum and sister afterwards for coffee and chose a flapjack and latte. Was a tad shocked when it came to 16 PPs. Got home and ate soup mid afternoon, managed to stay on track but the huge amount of carbs had me shattered by the time I went out driving. Still, the lesson went well. My 2nd time behind the wheel and I was doing corners, uphill, in the rain. With other cars, and dogs, and pedestrians! Beginning to believe I may actually manage to drive properly at some point!

Also got in another dress today - one that I like, in theory, but couldn't get into once I'd bought it. (Another Primark 18 that I bought in January, still in denial that I was as big as I was).

Wore it to Oxted and forgot that I was even in a dress. Had compliments on it too, which felt weird. I did notice that the usually quite blunt/rude lady who deals with the benefits desk was smiling and friendly for the first time. I'm going to say it was the dress, but maybe the purple quiff helped? ;)

dress #19 - 27+325

40 days until my birthday, and 8 dresses to go.. that's one every 5 days?! I think I can manage it! Would feel good to have completed *one* task I set myself here this year!!

Thursday -
14016/4672 steps (5.8 miles)
31/31 propoints (1097/1200 cal)

My only 'concern' over the next few days of Sam being away (from Fri morning until Sunday night) is getting my running in. I couldn't run today as by the time I'd got back from driving and then popping out to buy milk etc, it was too late. I can't go out again until Sunday evening, at the earliest. That'll mean a 5 day gap between runs.. hoping it doesn't go against me.

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