Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Lose 2lbs.. gain 3x as much back almost immediately.

Three cute little 2lb babies! No, they're not Adipose babies!!

I've been keeping a secret from you, blog of mine. On Sunday, Sam and I took the halflings to go feed ducks at a pond 20 minutes away. There are a row of shops between the pond and the playground we intended to go to, one of them being a pet shop. On our way past we saw signs outside saying "Kittens for SALE" 
I felt sad, and a bit cross. I hate seeing bigger animals sold from shops. The hours they're left alone, the cramped quarters. Grrr.

After chucking a loaf of bread at the two fluffy ducklings, we went towards the playground. On the way we went into the shop to cuddle the fluffsky cats.

There were five kittens there. In one crate was a medium sized tortie, and a teeny tabby. Neither moved to us, both looked bored and broken. In the second crate were three tabby kittens of different colours. They were lively and playing. The littlest one, a red tabby with big blue eyes, kept coming over for a cuddle. I fell in love and felt so sad that such beautiful little animals were stuck like that, being sold to anyone who would hand over the cash.

We went to the playground, and a few minutes later Sam went back and BOUGHT THE KITTEN! For our anniversary gift, as it's out 'bronze' year this year. Turns out the little sweetie was a girl, even though she's very red - just to be confusing. Brought her home and she was so affectionate and settled in fast. We named her Crookshanks Ramona Pumpkin Copper. She's just 950grams! (Or 2lbs - my loss this week!)

Crookshanks Ramona Pumpkin Copper 
Sunday night, she cried. She did settle, but those teeny mews made me sad. Monday morning she was *so* affectionate, I was shocked. After getting back from weigh in, we went to Croydon to meet Sam (who'd had a hospital dental appointment so had the day off) and get a cat carrier to get kitty to the vet.

On the way home we popped into the shop again, to double check her age so we could register & insure her, and to see if either of her littermates were still there. She seemed lonely and I wanted to get her a friend, Sam had loved the pretty torbie, and we agreed that if that one was female, and there, we'd get her too. In the shop both kittens were there. Torbie *was* female, so we went to get her out and the look of fear in the eyes of the remaining kitten broke my heart. So the Black/Grey tabby boy came home too.

I am in LOVE. Took them to the vets tonight to get their first jabs etc, and they're soooo easy, and cuddly and a much better way to de-stress (and spend money) than overeating ever was.

Juno Alice Cheetara Rainbow
Jasper Gizmo Indigo Tygra

Tuesday -
15421/4625 steps (6.4 miles)
31/31 propoints & 4 weekly (1306/1200 cals)


  1. Awesome names Joy. Can't believe you have 3 cats now!

    Just been catching up, not looked in since CP. Fab achievements, keep on going. Shame about the ink though, what did you have planned?


  2. We (or rather, the girls) have a 2yr cream tabby Tom called Toblerone Astro Boy Lion-O, lol. 4 cats is a bit mew-tastic though!

    Sam had wanted to get our date in bronze script, we're booked in to get it done in Sept now - is why we'd been at reeves' corner on Monday - kinda glad we didn't have the money to stick around and get it done there and then, now!