Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A nicely put together day on Monday was followed by a blowout on Tuesday.

Thankfully it was totally planned. I'd assumed that with fish and chips for lunch, taking all my days' pp, that I'd use the majority of my weekly pp to eat crappy 'celebratory' food.

We had about 200g of chocolate each, which *is* a lot, but not by my old standards, that'd be a usual daily amount. Not any more, I felt awful. Sick, bloated and exhausted. Actually had to go sleep it off for a couple of hours. Even with having NO chips, and gluten free batter, my haddock lunch was 900cals!!

900 calories 0_0

sugar coma

me almost falling over due to stoopid blood sugar

We'd planned to go to Brighton and eat chips on the beach, go to the carousel and the pier, mooch around the lanes.. but the rain was non-stop and so we stayed in, Sam braving the wet to go fetch lunch from the local chippy, and a box of chocs to share as a treat.

I barely moved all day, and forced myself to do 20 mins on the Wii to get a few steps in at least. Hoping the carb crash tomorrow isn't too horrific.

Monday -
14940/4696 steps (6.2 miles)
30/30 propoints (1232/1200 cals)

Tuesday -
6281/4696 steps (2.6 miles)
30/30 propoints & 37 (!!) weekly (2519/1200 cals)

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