Sunday, August 14, 2011

pushing it..

Worried my flapjack noms of Saturday will mean I won't get the 3.5lb loss I need to get into the 13s tomorrow.

Used 42/49 weekly propoints and while I know the official line is that I can use them all and still lose, I'm not so sure.

Am trying to put those fears away, what will be will be. I have got on with tracking and being active etc, so it's been a good, healthy week. Saturday spent in Reigate, Sam got his first tattoo (a fab japanese half sleeve) and I got my old school sparrow with the greek for 'not afraid' from the scripture in Matthew, something I have been reminded of many times. To step forward and not let fear hold me back is something I hope to do from now on.

Wore a dress again today (Sunday). Have had this one a while. It's a primark 18, and their sizing is a roulette, it *just* fits. Though not brilliantly on the boobage! I guess I'll just look forward to wearing this a few more times in the next month or so, before it's too big to use anymore! Took the halflings to the local park and sat chatting with Sam, plotting our anniversary shenanigans.

Dress #18 - 27+321

Saturday -
17488/4625 steps (7.3 miles)
31/31 propoints & 20 weekly (1851/1200 cals)

Sunday -
10683/4625 steps (4.5 miles)
31/31 propoints (1144/1200 cals)


  1. Does the lack of update mena you didn't get the weightloss you were after?


  2. Heh, it'd be right, but no - I've updated ^up there^ 'weak week'
    Lost 2lbs and know that realistically that's a bloody fab loss. :)