Wednesday, August 31, 2011

21/27 dresses, DONE

The twins and the kittens are all poorly, awh. Snuffly little fluffballs are the saddest, cutest thing!

Finally had a chance to stop cuddling/wiping/cleaning up after the 7 poorly ones and keep on top of the bored-at-being-stuck-indoors boys!

Dress #21 - 27+335 - was worn on Sunday. We went out to see my sister and her hubby, they've just moved out into their new flat in Acton... just down the central line from Hyde Park and the playground that I have never taken my halflings to. I am such a neglectful mother.

The Princess Diana memorial playground was built at the northwest corner of Hyde Park, in Kensington Palace Gardens, where the further-down-the-line royals get kept. It's a fab playground, based around Peter Pan, there's sand and water and a big ship, tents, a lost boys treetop frame.. and areas for smaller babies/toddlers and picnics. It's a security entrance and just an easy place to go and relax with smalls, in the heart of London. Makes it paradise in my opinion!! Only downside is the TERRIBLE coffee, but I can deal with that for an afternoon. ;)

Wore a 20s style salmon satin dress, it's a 16, and kinda clingy 0_0 but I wore it!

Have joined both 'Skirtember 2011' and 'September Shredders' on Facebook - so starting tomorrow I'll be both wearing a skirt and being Jillian Michaels' bitch for 20minutes each day, probably not simultaneously.

Tuesday -
4720/4696 steps (2 miles)
30/30 propoints (1206/1200 cals)

Wednesday -
11172/4696 steps (4.7 miles)
30/30 propoints (1352/1200 cals)


  1. LOL at you being Gillian Michaels' bitch - but ti's so true! Just keep telling yourself when it's hard, that you're almost halfway through, or you're just minutes from the end. The only thing that made it bearable for me was knowing that by the time I'm knackered I'm either almost halfway through, or after that I'm near the end!

    What's that written on the wall behind you?

    And is that a mahoosive new tattoo on your arm?!?!


  2. You're right - it's very much keeping my head quiet and just doing it, that I need to do. In most things really!!

    That's a decal - can see it from the kitchen, says 'Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words'

    And.. yes, yes it is ^_^ My birthday money is spent already. *sigh*

  3. Can't believe that illness choses to hit on a day when I *need* to see awesome new inkage!!! Oh the frustrations.

    Love the decal - I want one now!

    And yes, I think I found the shred much more of a mental challenge than anything else. Which is why in the end I didn't care that I wasn't losing weight and didn't expect to, but I wanted to finish it.


  4. LOL, it's not finished, but I'll chuck some pics up on G+ ^_^