Monday, August 15, 2011

weak week

Wanted 3.5lbs off this week to take me back under 14stone (196), and I got more than halfway there. I know I shouldn't be disappointed with 2lb, it's a fantastic loss. Some weeks you lose less anyway, and this week I ate the majority of my weekly points, so a smaller loss was to be expected! Missing my weekly target for the first time does sting though.

So, going to knuckle down this week - have realised I now have just over a stone to lose to get my 50lbs off certificate, and 6 weeks (today) until my birthday - would start my 29th year off well, no? Losing 2.5lbs a week will get me there, so I'm setting a mid-term goal now

Miles walked - 41.6

previous weight - 199 BMI 34.2
current weight - 197 BMI 33.8
loss - 2lb
% lost - 1%

Aiming for 3lbs this week, well back into the 13s, and just 5lbs (2 more weeks?) until blue butterfly!

Monday -
15825/4672 steps (6.6 miles)
31/31 propoints (1178/1200 cal)

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