Friday, August 12, 2011

Not binge-ing, but using the weekly points.

Wednesday was a washout. Sam felt rough after Monday and the anaesthetic, so had him home moping about. Seth woke in a not-so-wonderful mood, and then I felt totally wrung out and had a hormonal headache too. Knowing that a friend and her family were very poorly (and we'd seen them a few days before) I decided not to take our grotty selves out to our Home Ed meet in case we were contagious. Ended up getting lots done though - sorting out bills and resetting direct debits now we have proper cashflow again, registering the fluffballs with the local vets and taking them to get their jabs etc.

Felt a bit better by the evening, looking forward to seeing a friend the next day and hoping the head would clear without drugs for my driving lesson!

Head was still bad Thursday, but seeing my mate R for the first time in 2 years (and getting the flat as clear as I can beforehand) cheered me up lots. Felt mildly relieved when Spencer (driving instructor) text me to say he was cancelling as he was ill. Finally took enough drugs to fully zap the evil head and took bigger boy cat to the vets for his MOT and jabs, then went for my 1st run of week 3. Once I'd got the kids ready for bed I was a zombie - fell asleep as soon as I stopped moving!

Woke up Friday and saw a message from E to say she was up for meeting again - means a lot of buses, but a guaranteed good day - and one where the kids run about a lot and give me loads of headspace! Got to the park at around 11.30 and didn't leave until after 7pm. Sam met us at the park, and we got home just after 9pm. Thankfully this week there was no -key/lock breakage!

 Had my 3/4 linen trousers that I bought 4 weeks ago on and realised they are way too big now. Wore a slouchy tunic dress over the top to weasle in another dress. Realised I've only got 6 weeks to get the last 10 dresses done, so have to pick up the pace a bit!

Dress #17 - 27+319  (I swear this mirror is the best in the whole world - makes me look like I actually have a waist!!)

Very ready for the weekend, have to go to the vets again (thank goodness I bought the direct debit plan thingy) as Juno has gone all lame in her front leg. Thankful that my Carer's Allowance has come through!

Wednesday -
7735/4625 steps (3.2 miles)
31/31 propoints & 5 weekly (1483/1200 cals)

Thursday -
12797/4625 steps (5.3 miles)
31/31 propoints & 1 weekly (1328/1200 cals)

Friday -
13381/4625 steps (5.6 miles)
31/31 propoints & 11 weekly (1461/1200 cals)

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