Monday, September 05, 2011

10 weeks in

and I am nothing short of ecstatic at the changes I have made.

Going into July I was over 230lbs, I was in pain 24/7. I couldn't fit into my clothes. I was sweating constantly and had absolutely no time to care for myself.

I was on prescribed pain pills and 'knew' I wouldn't be able to exercise until I got some weight off and the inflammation down.

I was hoping to lose enough that I could start to exercise again in September. As in, going for 3 30 minute walks a week.

... It's September. I'm going into the 180lbs range. I'm waking up and doing circuit training before breakfast. No pain. I haven't taken the meds since mid July. I am back in lots of clothes I love. I feel comfortable and excited to finally be caring for myself.

I can run 2 miles. This morning was the 6th shred I've done in 6 days, I changed up on the weights, going from 1kg each hand to 1.5kg.

Now just 4lbs away from the 'halfway point' I'll have lost half the weight needed to get to a 'healthy' BMI of 145lbs. IN 10 WEEKS! That's AMAZING.

To be joining in challenges with my friends on Facebook - both the shred (exercise/health) and skirtember (image/health) - feels fantastic. I feel normal, and involved and alive. It's g-o-o-d.

Two weeks since I'd been at weightwatchers, and despite maintaining last week, I'd pulled a decent enough loss for a 2 week stint.

Miles walked - 27.9

previous weight - 196 BMI 33.6
current weight - 192.5 BMI 33
loss - 3.5lb
% lost - 1.79%


  1. You're doing fantastically! keep up the good work x

  2. FAB stuff, simply fab.

    But promise me one thing, if I'm cheeky enough to ask?
    Don't add any more to this, please - and when you get to the end of shredding september, don't feel like you have to jump in there with something else!

    Am totally in awe of your motivation :)


  3. End of shredding September will see me back to just c25k (or just running 5k) and a bit of wii fit, lol.

    Do think doing shred once a week could become part of my routine, but I'm staying aware of how the 'challenges' are going head-wise. As long as I'm not burning out, I'll play - otherwise I'm bowing out and sticking to the basics. Learnt that lesson before!

    Thanks for having my back for me <3 ^_^