Monday, September 12, 2011

3 stone shifted. Whew, that feels good!

Whoot! Back on it - I'd *really* really wanted to shift 3.5lb this week to take me to my 3rd stone off. After using 32/49 weeklies I was a bit worried it wouldn't happen, though I had earned 50 activity points too.

Got to the scales and 'whooped' a little when I saw that I had managed the 3.5lbs in a week I was hoping for. I know that wanting 11.5lbs over 3 weeks is a big ask, but with the shred happening, and having had a stay the same week / rest a couple of weeks back I'm sure that if I stick to my propoints and shred/c25k exercise, I can pull it off!

Aiming for 4lbs this week - going to skip using weeklies if possible, but will if I get hungry. Just not going to do foody 'treats' for a fortnight. With some fun plans coming up, I should feel 'treated' enough without needing any chocolate!

Miles walked - 34.6

previous weight - 192.5 BMI 33
current weight - 189 BMI 32.4
loss - 3.5lb
% lost - 1.82%

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