Sunday, September 18, 2011


Dress #26 - 27+357

Gorgeous Laura Lees dress, back on - the beginning of many beautiful Laura Lees creations fitting again ^_^ So why do I look so grumpy here?

Because I. Had. Poisoned. Myself.

Stupid unthinking mistake, at lunch today (went for a lunch with my parents, sister, brother & his girlfriend) I had a diet pepsi. Spent the next 6 hours paying for it.

Then after my lunch of monkfish & prawn skillet, which I'd chosen and pointed, and had only a teeny serve of rice, I had another daft moment, and ordered a huge dessert. 2 cookies, pouring fudge and ice cream. About 18 pp (770 cals) I felt rough! Beyond rough.

Couldn't eat anything else today after that. Glad I have earned 50 activity points this week to dip into, I've used all my 49 weekly points as well as 7 activity points! Still, hoping for a small loss tomorrow. Then will aim to hit my 50lbs for October, no way I can expect nearly half a stone to shift in a week healthily!!

Sunday -
8140/4870 (3.4 miles)
29/29 pp & 11 weekly & 7 activity (2079/1200 cals)

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