Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Got the Shred done bright and early today. Had been finding getting on with it first thing harder, as I'm getting to bed later and just TIRED when I wake up.

This morning I overslept, woke at 7am and realised Sam had fallen asleep on the sofa after showering 0_0 got him up and out, but he was *grumpy*. Could tell he wanted me to say 'oh, just take the day off' but he was only 30 minutes late, and really, no. He's needing to go in, not throw a strop like a teenager.

Had a tense 5 minutes as he got dressed and out the door, I was upset and feeling guilty, and then more cross because he was doing the guilt trip thing. Then cross at myself for taking his strop and turning it against myself. I'm forever saying to him/my mum/the kids that other peoples' actions can only effect you if you let them, and here I was going into a guilt/anger spiral over 5 minutes of tired grumpy hubby. Hardly something he could help much, and really not worth upsetting my morning over. Gut reaction was to either a) go back to bed and doze for an hour, trying to convince kids to stay in bed too or watch crappy TV or b) eat something creamy/fatty/calorific. Instead I grabbed my sports bra and did the shred. By the cool down I felt fine again, and as a bonus I've already conquered today's Jillian-fest.

.... and I just realised I really should apologise to Sam for getting on his case this morning. If he was truly being too grumpy, I could always have just left him to it. Sent him a text to say sorry. And not playing any games either. Don't think I've been this balanced/aware of my emotions ever that I can think of.

Going out to enjoy the sun (it's nearly October?.. I'm not going to complain!) again this afternoon with our bunch of Home Edding friends. Feeling a bit nauseous but think it's the last two days of chocolate catching up with me. Graze box to get me through that, and a big fluffy omlette planned for dinner. May attempt a run tonight too, try to get week 6 of c25k complete before my legs forget what they're supposed to do!

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