Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday weekend

Woke up early Friday to get over to Reigate and get the shading for my koi sleeve completed. We were done by 11am, and so I had time to get my birthday tat.

A beautiful Phoenix *love* It took just over 3 hours and nearly 60 hours on I'm still so sore! But I adore it.

I'm going to turn 28 tomorrow, I'm nearing the end of my twenties. The last 9 years have been a rollercoaster. I am *so* so happy about where my life is at, my gorgeous family, fabulous friends. Throughout the difficulties we've been through, and my depression, anxiety and eating disorders, I've always been aware of how blessed I am.

I've always felt undeserving though. A failure. Not making the most of who/what I have, waiting for me to be the right size/shape/person. Waiting for me to do enough that I could like myself.

That's all over now - I'm turning 28 not wanting to be someone/something else, but the person I am now. The phoenix is there to remind me of this fresh start to my life. A new, healthy, strong me bursting out of the flames ^_^ My driving instructor reaffirmed it for me in the evening. 'You're capable, you can do this already. The only thing in your way is your fear, you are the only one who can remove that. Make mistakes, whatever. You'll only get better if you do.'

Saturday was a fab day of roller derby, a dinner out with my girls, then after party at scream lounge. Sunday I spent recovering, cleaning up and marvelling at how I have managed to keep on top of the shred routine even with being out for 30 hours!

8662/4922 (3.6 miles)
29/29 pp (1088/1200 kcal)

8350/4922 (3.5 miles)
36/29 pp (1498/1200 kcal)

10132/4922 (4.2 miles)
32/29 pp (1272/1200 kcal)

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  1. Beautiful - you and your new birthday Tat :-)