Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chucking the size 18s in the charity bin

Even though I am skirtembering - wearing a skirt or dress every day of September (aside from when working out/sleeping) I draw the line at learning to drive in a mini.

Hadn't had a lesson since September 1st, when I chucked on some linen trousers to go driving.

Yesterday I was really, very certain that I would NOT be comfortable driving around in a swishy long rainbow skirt. So I went to change into trousers. They were all so big, I felt silly. Then I spotted my size 16 jeans, that I haven't fit into in a year now.. and I tried them on.

..... and they fit. Whoot! ^_^ Much as a 16 is far too big a size to carry on my small frame, it feels good to be back to 'regular' sizes. I can see all my lovely Laura Lees dresses fitting in just one more size down the scale. Wheeee!

Met my brothers' new girlfriend today, and went to fetch everyone fish & chips. I had a teeny portion of chips that were 4pp 0_0 and 5 milk tray chocolates for another 7 pp 0_0 again find myself very grateful for those weekly points the powers that be have allocated for weightwatcher types.

Wore one of my new Hell Bunny dresses, that I was worried wouldn't fit as their 'large' isn't uber-huge. It went on fine - in fact it'll be too big fairly soon, which is a bit tear inducing really. Going to wear another dress tomorrow for a family pub lunch out, then the 27th dress can come out to play at roller derby next weekend, two days before I turn 28!

Going to go through my clothes piles after my birthday as I have a feeling a lot will be ready to donate/sell now.

Dress #25 - 27+356

Friday -
8444/4870 (3.5 miles)
29/29 pp (1287/1200 cals)

Saturday -
9812/4870 (4.1 miles)
29/29 pp & 8 (1521/1200 cals)

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