Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dog tired, negativity seeps in

I'm struggling. Feeling very tired and snappy with the kids. I'm still shredding and running ok, but I could quite happily veg out on the sofa/bed all day. Have overeaten, not binged, but eating more often to try and keep energy up.

I've not been getting enough sleep, the girls are poorly too. Have also just started on my period again and spent a few days stressed and stuck indoors waiting for a delivery.

All told, I can see *why* I've eaten an extra days' food over the last couple of days.

Plan to take myself in hand. Earlier night tonight, aiming for 6-7 hours sleep. Day out tomorrow, just to the park to shift the cobwebs and get away from the fridge. I have a nice easygoing, but food-orientated weekend looming, so need to be back in the driving seat.

Realise that I'm at the point of sabotaging my own work, keep finding myself thinking negatively. Need to keep rising above that voice as I have been.

I am halfway through the shred
I have not *overeaten* this week, I've eaten inside my allocated propoints
I have kept up with c25k
I have looked after the kids
I have looked after myself
The home is being kept up with.

^ There crappy nasty voice. I *am* doing just fine thankyou. Now piss off.

Wednesday -
8902/4870 (3.7 miles)
29/29 pp & 12 weekly (1685/1200 cals)

Thursday -
10351/4870 (4.3 miles)
29/29 pp & 17 weekly (1726/1200 cals)

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