Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eating in

used to mean fatty chinese or huge curries. Not so much now...

Tuesdays and Thursdays are days when I usually am not in to make myself lunch. Grabbing good food on the go can be a challenge. Taking something along is a necessity. Knowing what I've got, and the nutritional values is key to staying in control.

I hadn't used Graze boxes for a long time, but had a look at their site again and was amazed (and feeling a bit hungry) after seeing the way they've expanded their range.

Dried apple & toffee sauce dip - 2 propoints
'Jaffa Cake' dark choc buttons, orange raisins and hazel nuts - 6 propoints
fruit & seed flapjack (so moist and crumbly, mmm) - 6 propoints
'Born in the USA' pecans, cranberries & almonds - 6 propoints

Shared the jaffa cake mix & toffee apple with the twins - and between an 8am breakfast and 6pm dinner, grazed on the box. It kept me satisfied all day, no hunger pangs - nice!

Hope to use these for long days out to avoid blood sugar dips. I feel like I'm having a real treat - lots of yummy flavours, it's *good* food and someone else does all the work. ^_^

If anyone fancies a free box, you can use the code:

use this code when you sign up: KZ976FG

Tuesday -
6536/4870 (2.7 miles)
29/29 pp (1030/1200 cals)


  1. huh

    whats a JAFFA CAKE?!

  2. 0_0 you do not know?? Mmmm, a jaffa cake is a spongey biscuit topped with dark chocolate, with a layer of orange jelly in the middle. Very dangerous.

    The mix *totally* tasted like a jaffa cake, without giving me muffin top!