Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eating out

Last week my mum sat with the halflings for an hour, to cover the time between me leaving for my test and Sam getting in. Afterwards, having survived, she offered to come and sit them each Monday morning so I could weigh in and stay to meeting.

Yes please! The kids are really great about going with me, but the idea of having time for myself and being able to enjoy the group too was very exciting!

The topic this week for weightwatchers is 'Eating Out'. Timely for me as I'm having my first meal out on Sunday, as a family dinner to celebrate my birthday and to meet my brothers new girlshape! Local pub, lots of nommy food. The day before weigh in.
In meeting we talked a LOT about alcohol and eating out. Being very aware of what you're drinking and to track *always* Calories & Alcohol together are a dieters' disaster.

After working out propoints in a dark russian, I'll be skipping the cocktails this weekend!!

Got my weekly email from weightwatchers today "Eat Out And Still Lose Weight"

Eating out may seem like a tricky proposition when you're trying to lose weight, but a night out doesn't have to mean a night off your plan.Careful eating out choices can help you spend your ProPoints budget wisely. Here are some tips and ideas to help you stay on track when dining away from home.

I've looked at the menu online, I know the pub - we were there in June. I am all about the King Prawn and Monkfish in coconut, chilli and lemongrass. Will skip the rice, as the majority of propoints will be there. Guessing the fish will be about 4 PP, another 2 for oil used and around 4-6 for sauce. A 10-12 PP meal feels ok to me! Will skip dessert as I'm not used to that quantity of food now anyway.

I'm refusing to worry about it affecting weigh in now. I know what I will eat will be delicious and good nutrition. For the first time while being 'on plan' I'm not planning to blow points on a day out, but enjoy the company and somebody else cooking/clearing up!!

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