Friday, September 02, 2011

Following through

Finally got a decent day of walking in today. The kids' colds are beginning to shift, so I shouldn't be stuck in so much!

Started the 30 day Shred yesterday, felt really hard going, and woke today sore and stiff. Still, dead chuffed with myself for going through with it and shredding again this morning *and* doing week5day1 of C25K tonight. Have eaten 15 weekly propoints over the last 2 days, as starting the circuit training made me feel hungry. Hoping I can get on without eating ALL of the calories I'm burning!

Got my mums' birthday celebrations tomorrow, intending to cook myself something seperate to others and just focus on hostessing. Really *really* want a stonking loss this week.

Thursday -
8581/4696 steps (3.6 miles)
30/30 propoints & 6 propoints (1538/1200 cals)

Friday -
14319/4696 steps (6 miles)
30/30 propoints & 9 weekly (1573/1200 cals)

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