Tuesday, September 20, 2011

grazi Graze

I've had an awful head since Sunday afternoon, my old method of coping would have been to eat everything and anything in sight, and to spend all day long in bed. Yesterday Sam stayed off, expecting that. I stayed in bed until the kids couldn't stand to lie in any longer, then got up and went to weightwatchers, made a (slow) trip to Sainsburys and got back home in time to do lunch. Managed the shred while Sam took the smalls out, then spent a couple of hours on the sofa while we did 'home cinema'. I was shattered by 5pm, but that was ok - only had to hang washing and mooch to bed. I stuck to points, I was very pleased.

Today I feel a bit better, my head is still nagging, but the nausea/fuzzy perception is gone now. I have to take the kids into Redhill at lunch to meet Sam, then go with Kai to the hospital for his ADOS assessment. Hospital visits stress me out, I dislike the atmosphere, the feeling that I'm on the defensive, the consultant's rude/abrupt manner. My usual way of 'coping' is to overeat on the way home. Today though I'm going back to my in-laws' as the kids will be there while Sam sees his chiropractor, and are eating dinner there. As I don't have to prepare food for them, I can avoid all food after the hospital. I've got a graze box due this morning too, which I can snack on as and when, and not think about preparing/weighing food all day.

I'm going to beat these emotional eating triggers, one day at a time.

Yesterday, simply *resting* was enough.

Today my gawjus scrummy graze box is going to save me from nervous grab-and-run eating.

Monday -
10065/4922 (4.2 miles)
29/29 pp (1153/1200 kcal)

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