Monday, September 12, 2011

Halfway to healthy

After posting up the picture of my 3rd butterfly I put the link-thingummy on my 'metamorphosis' page. I noticed that the photo at the top of the page was one of me at top weight, sweaty after walking the flat 15 minute walk back from my first weightwatchers meeting at the end of June.

I'm nothing less than shocked, looking at the photos Sam took when I got in that day. The jeans that are straining to reach around me are long gone already. That 'top' is actually a size 18-20 dress, but was the only thing I had that fit around me.

I'm blown up, bloated and look like I'm in agony. That's because I was.         
There's cellulite on my *arms* I've barely any neck. I am standing with my feet hip width apart because I can't get them much closer. My gut comes out to the front more than my boobs.

My spine is curved, my femurs are being bent to hold my body up. My upper back and shoulders had such limited range of movement.

I was fat, unhealthy, pretty much bedridden. Severe damage was being done every day I stayed like that. Getting out the door and to that meeting took huge effort and *all* of the strength I had. I am so proud of me in that photo.

I'm down 3 stone now. Another 3 stone and I'll be at a healthy weight. Time to look at myself again.

Oh, OK. A bit of a change then! 0_0

Obviously I've still got a lot of extra flub. I'm 3 stone over the top weight I should be, and still think of myself as extremely big and obese.

Here I am, sweaty after coming back from weightwatchers.. except today I'd just completed day 12 of the shred at level 2. I ran 2.5miles last night too.

My posture is good, no more pain. My neck is back, and is my ability to stand with my legs together! My arms and shoulders are now spending 10 minutes each day lifting weights. My arms are losing fat and toning up.

My top is a skinny womens M-L and the leggings are a 14. My gut is slimming down fast, and I have a 'proper human shape' again (thanks Seth).

Getting up and active each day feels good - still takes a lot of effort, but each time I find more strength. I am *insanely* proud of myself for fighting this hard.

Very nearly skipped the shred today. I felt so off, and with a good loss I wanted a rest. But that boxer grrrl tattoo pulled me onwards. I. Must. Not. Give. In.

Felt fabulous to find todays shred easier already.

Monday -
17704/4870 (7.4 miles)
30/29 pp (1140/1200 cals)

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  1. Bloody hell Joy, that's super awesome. Is there any chance you can post these pics on CN? They would be such an inspiration to others.

    I never realised how much weight you had put on, and I'm finding it hard to believe now that you have 3st to go! Your figure is looking great already - I know you'll do it this time, and stick with it.