Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So, yesterday I woke with headache, still. But never mind, I had a plan for battling the day. My graze box to take on the stress of a hospital visit. I would be nicely full once we got to my mum-in-law's and she'd feed the kids, and I could then shred when we got home in the evening.

By the time we had to leave (10.30am) my postman hadn't yet been. I was already nagging at the kids, Emoboy is being particularly 'himself' at the moment. If you're not a videogame, he's not interested. Add to that, our smallest kitty baby is losing weight and looked particularly pathetic. I am getting them all to the vet today, and knew there was no way I could get her in yesterday, but felt awful.

Got to the station, ticket machines were down. Missed our connection at Purley trying to sort it, and Kai got confused with people moving around the ticket office, and took the hand of a lady near me, trying to go with her. Calmed him down and got on the next train, found a ticket inspector and got to Redhill with a few minutes to spare. Once Sam had taken the others, I took Kai to Costa and grabbed him a granola bar and juice. By that point I was feeling stroppy and hungry and the shelves of tiffin, caramel bakes and cupcakes were all *just there* still, there was 1 other granola bar, so I got that and a bottle of water.

The appointment went well enough, we left with Kai having a formal diagnosis of Autism and will be looking into the cause behind his various physical/motor planning issues. No big surprises there.

Got to the in-law's and sat for dinner at 6pm, I was ravenous, but ate a plate of veg and a small portion of skinless chicken breast, (and used my 7 extra weekly pp for 2 yorkshires and a bit of stuffing). Ignored the chocolate, ice cream, meringue AND creme brulee offered between dinner and finally leaving just after 9pm.

Got home just before 10pm, kids all knackered, girls had fallen asleep in car. I hadn't done the shred. Part of me was thinking I could catch up today, level 2 and level 3 and be on target. But I'd promised myself to shred EACH day, to break the mental barrier that I'm not strong enough to workout without a rest day for a month..

so I did it. And it was great. And I NEVER ever have to do another squat thrust again. Whoot.

11504/4922 (4.8 miles)
36/29 pp (1476/1200 kcal)

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