Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Shredder

This post is nearly identical to last years'.. but by the end of the month there will be a BIG difference between them.

I am going to weigh and measure myself first thing each morning, every 10 days.

day 1 :
  • weight - 192lbs (first thing, starkers)
  • bust - 42"
  • waist - 37" 
  • hips - 46" (47" over baby belly bulge)
  • upper arm - 14.5"
  • thigh - 27"
I will complete the 20 minutes of Level 1 each day for 10 days, and update here as I go. Then repeat for Levels 2 & 3, hopefully. By the end of the month this will be a long, long post.
  • day 1 -  Got to the cardio section of the first circuit (so about 3 minutes in) and was a moment away from packing it in. I was sweating by the end of the warm up. I'm really aware that I failed after trying to Shred last September, stopped tracking, stopped running, etc. Need to push through the headstuff and Just Do It.
  • day 2 - Could feel stiffness setting in my legs while driving during my lesson last night. Proper sore and stiff this morning, and woke with a head ache too. Struggled to get good range of movement during warm up, but by the time the first cardio started it felt alright. Began to feel like my arms would give out during the last strength section, but I made it! Easier today than yesterday already - iPod helped a lot. Wondering how my run tonight will feel though!!
  • day 3 - Felt a lot less stiff today, but struggled to get the 'oomph' for the first circuit. After a strop and throwing Sam out of the room, I got on with it and felt VERY happy at cooldown!
  • day 4 - Lots easier today, no modification needed except for pushups. Sweating buckets, but no pain now, just feeling the burn in the right places!
  • day 5 - Again, feeling good. No modding except for Abs and Pushups now.
  • day 6 - Went from 2x 1kg weights to 2x 1.5kg. Better. No mods now except pushups - still too ouch on my wrists.
  • day 7 - Whoot! 7th shred down. Legs are sore again - think due to 2.5mile run last night. Could feel the positive effect of the shred while on my run - my legs were a bit tired, but my pace, breathing & heartrate were all very stable! Going to do measurements on morning of day 10, but can feel a difference already.
  • day 8 - Shins are very sore :( not going to be able to run tonight anyway, but think I'd have had to skip it regardless to prevent a real injury. Boo.
  • day 9 - my body is very much used to it now - legs still sore but lots less than yesterday. My head though, really struggling. Think changing level in 1 more day will help a bit but I do have to switch off the headchatter to get through it.
  • day 10 - Phew! So glad to have level one DONE. Had a lie-in until 9am, and then had to go out to buy a replacement wardrobe as my clothes were strewn all over the bedroom. Got back home at 12.30 and had a friend coming over at 2pm to spend the afternoon and then go to the pub. Knew I had to squeeze it in then if it was going to get done, could very easily of given it a miss! Felt really pleased that I got it done - used heavier weights too at points, up to 2.5kg each hand. 
day 11 :
  • weight - 188.5lbs (first thing, starkers)
  • bust - 42" - no change
  • waist - 36" - down 1"
  • hips - 44" - down 2" (46" over baby belly bulge - down 1")
  • upper arm - 14" - down 0.5"
  • thigh - 26" - down 1"
5.5" lost in 10 days, and 3.5lbs. Fairly pleased with that, can feel fitness improving too - the difference it's made to my running alone *almost* makes the pain worthwhile!

  • day 11 - I thought I'd done level 2 before, but couldn't remember it. Now I remember it's cause I flaked out halfway through! Felt so weak today, had to take the weights back down too. Tried to remember how I struggled on day 1, I definately modified *less* today, but found the cardio in the 2nd circuit hard! Need to keep my head quiet - I can do this!!
  • Day 12 - 'mummy, you are VERY sweaty.... Should I make you a drink?'
    Poor Seth traumatised seeing me shred after lunch.
    'I want you to feel like you are going to die' well, Jillian, we can't always get what we want. But today was your lucky day. - 
     I am not in so much pain/sore, but finding it hard. Keep feeling like I really *cannot* do it. Big mental barriers to pummel through each day. 
  • Day 13 done - back up to 2.5kg on all but 1 strength move. I am not loving plank though, and my hamstrings feel very sore - noticed while walking up/downhill yesterday they feel tight, like my calves did the first days.
  • Day ‎14  done - whew, a fortnight straight! Daring to think that I'm getting the hang of level 2. Still modifying the walking pushups, but otherwise doing it all. My legs are battered though - proper bruises all over the left one. 0_0
  • 15 done, later than usual as my dear eldest turned off my alarm! Had to wait until all kids were up and fed, so had full audience of 4 very critical little people!
    Really struggled with my run last night, big mental barriers in the way right now. Am convinced I'm too weak to manage shred *really*, even as I complete each day I'm thinking I'm lucky I managed to fluke it again... :s
  • Day 16 - I *really* procrastinated about getting this done today. Awful nights sleep and I couldn't even walk straight this morning, so didn't even attempt it. Have done loads about the house trying to put off shred, even cleared and brushed down the garden & drive. Did just do it though, with 6 yo DS cheerleading me through it. Over halfway. Rawr! Well done grrrls!! ^_^
  • Done *gasp* 17/17 - had a weekend-y lie in this morning but lay there thinking about the shred. Will look forward to lazing again come october! Got to get house ready for having family over tonight now, hope the sweat stops by the time they arrive!
    Oh and I hate the first circuit the most - apart from walking push-ups, got those sorted now.
  • ‎18/18 done - really threw myself into it today, and ouch. sweat. Pleasantly surprised at how much my body is coping with it now though ^_^
  • 19/19 done. Whew. Only one more level 2 left, and I was *just* getting the hang of it. Have been quite ill overnight, wasn't sure I'd manage, had to stop 2 times for 3 seconds (I counted).
  • 20/20 done, with 90 mins to spare!!! Been out all day with hospital assessments for younger son, and seeing in-laws. Got in at 10pm and was upset at idea of having to play catch up, but saw the updates here and just couldn't not do it.
    LOVED waving goodbye to each circuit. Muaha. Level 3 here we come.
day 21 :
  • weight - 185.5lbs (first thing, starkers)
  • bust - 42" - no change
  • waist - 35" - down 1"
  • hips - 43" - down 1" (44.5" over baby belly bulge - down 1.5")
  • upper arm - 13.5" - down 0.5"
  • thigh - 25.5" - down 0.5"
4.5" lost in 10 days, and 3lbs. Like that lots, the idea that I'm 2/3rds of the way through has GOT to be enough to pull me through this last level. 

  • 21/21 done. Level 3 is hard - but in the way level 1 was, a my body can't do this yet kind of feeling, rather than 'why, why I am dying like this??!' All the jumping in the 3rd circuit was very lame on my part, but I did it. ^_^
  • 22/22 done. Good to be back to shredding first thing, but only 9 hours between shred = much muscle burn!! Got a busy weekend coming up, this is going to be where I have to Just. Do. It.
  • 23/23 done. As if my arms/shoulders weren't sore enough, I sat for 4-4.5 hours today getting them bashed about with needles. Stingy.
    Really enjoying level 3 now - it's hard, and I'm still modding lots, but yey - only 7 days left.
  • 24/24 done - much pain in sore tatty area on right half of back and right arm! Still, actually enjoying level 3 exercises. Am off out for a day of roller derby and a night of after party - will do tomorrow when I crawl back home!!
  • ‎25/25 done. After not much sleep and lots of booze I *sweat* even more than usual (which I would have thought impossible) No more weekend shreds! Only 5 left 0_0
  • ‎26/26 - If at the start of the month I'd believed at all that I'd have made it this far, there is NO WAY I'd have dreamt I'd manage this weekend, and shred on my birthday. Huge, huge changes. I'm thrilled.
  • ‎27/27 done. Oh the sweatage. I am, weirdly, really enjoying the level 3. Despite all the jumping. Despite having knackered legs from hours of walking today. Despite not getting my iPod sorted so I had to listen to cowface. Oh, and I can see my biceps all the time now, they're mighty purdy looking 0_0
  • 28/28 back to the morning, yay. Was feeling cross and fed up after a niggly row with the husbeast as he left. My new response, beat it out with cowface. Also noticed the floor looks very grotty, so have shredded and hoovered and it's not yet 8am. Freak.
  • 29/29 done, got to the end of cowface's commentary at the end 'you're at the end of level 3, couldn't ask for more... see you tomorrow..' and thought, yes. This is true. We are! Just one left, and assuming I won't manage to severely injure myself in my sleep, it'll be complete. Woohoo!
  • ‎30/30 ^_^ I think I looked as demented as the women on the DVD, grinning through today's shred. Boy it felt good knowing each minute was the last time I'd *have* to do that minute.

    My floor is soaking, I'm still a bit confused as to how my poor knackered body managed, but thanks to this group and some serious arse kicking this end it's done! Whoot.
post shred:
  • weight - 184lbs (first thing, starkers)
  • bust - 42" - no change
  • waist - 33" - down 2"
  • hips - 42.5" - down 0.5" (43" over baby belly bulge - down 1.5")
  • upper arm - 13" - down 0.5"
  • thigh - 25" - down 0.5"
15" lost in 30 days, and 8lbs. Rawr!!! 

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