Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Really nice, balanced start to the week this week. The shred is beginning to make a difference, my run tonight was week 5 day 2 - 2x 8 minute runs. Usually I've been very puffed out and breathless. Not tonight. The circuit training has already really boosted my cardiovascular fitness.

Still on track with Skirtember too - wore my new rainbow skirt yesterday, as a dress.

Dress #24 27+346

Was a day spent out, decent amount of walking done, picked up my driving theory book to actually get some studying in before my test on Thursday. Had an ice cream during a burst of sunshine, then legged it to the train station as the heavens opened.

Went to get my ears pierced - properly, with needles, at a larger than normal size, so the 18 year old scar tissue is gone, and in a few months I'll be able to fit some funky tribal style jewelry in!

Went to see the in-laws afterwards and chatted wedding plans (my sis-in-laws') and wedding food, nom. Went through the menu choosing what they'll have on the day, there was lots of very lovely sounding stuff to eat! Seven months to go and a great motivation to keep going with weightloss! I'm excited at the idea of how I'll feel next April, compared to how I felt at my sisters' this May.

Today was a washout weather wise - still I shredded, weights up to 1.5kg from 1kg now. Also fit in w5d2 of c25k this evening, feels good to be able to *enjoy* using my body well now.

Have a meet with some local Home Ed families tomorrow, and a planned chipshop lunch, so I'll be careful to plan well for other food ready to cope with the propoint rich battered fish!

Monday -
16681/4793 (6.9 miles)
29/30 propoints (1082/1200 cals)

Tuesday -
10040/4793 (4.2 miles)
30/30 propoints (1174/1200 cals)

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