Friday, September 30, 2011


Have had a few days of craving carbs and dairy. Granola, chocolate, cheese. I've gone over my daily and weekly pp and used ALL my activity points (it's a good thing I'm doing all the walking/running/resistance training at the moment...)

Since having the 'blowout' on my birthday, I've really struggled with eating normally. I know that most of it is psychological. Once Monday is here and I've a fresh new week it'll fall back in place. Just hoping that I won't have earned myself a gain, something that may throw me out if my head is still a bit out of whack.

Have got a lot done this week though, despite the chaos of my eating. I've been out to see friends, have got to new places (even used the tram with all 4 kids, in rush hour - blugh). I've gone through the boys basement, tidied out and cleaned all the toys, computers and games, beds etc. Got the kittens back to full health, kids are all well. Exercise is on track - now on week 7 of the c25k, running 25 minutes straight and on track to be running 5k 3x a week by the end of October.
My last shred is today, I will have completed 30 days straight of doing the DVD, and 10 days on all 3 levels. Planning to continue to do the shred 3x a week through October, as well as running 3x a week - having a 'day off' each week too.

Really, all is good. I just need to plan my next week, before I end up eating my body weight in chocolate flavoured crap!

14127/4948 (5.9 miles)
29/29 pp & 2 weekly 10 ap (1570/1200 kcal)

10066/4948 (4.2 miles)
29/29 pp & 26 ap (2112/1200 kcal)

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