Monday, October 03, 2011

3lb gain

On Friday morning I saw 184 on the scales. In just 3 days I put enough food in my body to gain 3lbs weight. Whoops!! Stepping up to the scales this morning, I knew I would have gained, but it felt fine. I really am so pleased with the head changes this time around.

*So* glad that I did the shred, running, Wii fit and walking to earn the activity points (and metabolism) that meant it wasn't a bigger gain.

I know that getting back on track this week, I'll see a good loss next week, so that's what I'll do. I'm not feeling upset/set back. This is a BIG change, it's not a race, it's *one* week, and a totally expected result.

Hoping to chuck the wheat bloat and run 3/4 times this week to pull a 7lb ish loss - that'd feel a bit good!

Miles walked - 35.4

previous weight -186 BMI 31.9
current weight - 189 BMI 32.4
gain - 3lb
% gain - 1.61%


  1. What's up Joy? hope you are still fighting the good fight and all is well with you and yours? Keep on keeping on girl! Jo xx

  2. Thanks Jo - all good, just busy! Thanks so much for the nudge ;) xxx