Tuesday, October 11, 2011

and off again ^_^

Been a hard fought week last week, busy, but not particularly active, lots of triggers for thoughtless eating.

I used all my weekly points, all my activity points, and had a couple days where I had to guesstimate amounts. But I did something right, as there was a 2lb loss at the scale yesterday. Phew.

Miles walked - 35.3

previous weight -189 BMI 32.4
current weight - 187 BMI 32.1
loss - 2lb
% lost - 1.06%

Only did 1 session of Zumba, 1 run and 1 Shred this week. Not enough. Need to do 5 days next week, and stick within propoint allowance.

Feeling good though, have a few easy, happy weeks ahead going into winter. 6lbs to get the 50lbs off. Aiming to do that by the end of October, as well as finish the c25k plan.


  1. Good for you Joy!!

    I'm so pleased for you that you managed to choose the right "hard" after seeing a gain last week. :-)

  2. Well done Joy! great to hear all is well in your world. I've started Weightwatcher meetings again last week, mainly because i KNOW it works when i do it properly, but your journey gave me the push i needed to make that decision. Thank you so much for the inspiration :)) Jo x