Wednesday, October 26, 2011

death at the gym earns a snicker bar

Is close to what I must have looked like working out the activity points I earnt at the gym last night. So much sweat, in public. And for a snickers bar???!!! I so wasn't wasting those hard won points on chocolate, I've hoarded them for more latte instead!

Made my way around quickly, managed to get my routine done inside an hour, so pretty cool and should be doable 4-5times a week.

Tuesday - 31/29 PP (44 weekly remaining) earned 8 AP
1229 kcal - burned 867kcal through exercise
8253 steps = 3.43

Woke up today with a headache and it's raining and blugh. Been stuck in all day with kids who are getting less and less amused with the walls. Must *do* something tomorrow.

Trying to convince myself to gym tonight, might wait and see what mood Sam is in though. We ended up arguing a bit last night, and I'm not in the headspace to be adult about not bawling my eyes out if it happens again. 

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