Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Could have been so so much worse

Didn't actually get to weigh in yesterday, as the kids are still all out of whack, and by the time we were all up and ready, it was too late.

Still, I know my scales are pretty much bang on, so jumped up...

Miles walked - 22

previous weight -187 BMI 32.1
current weight - 190.5 BMI 32.7
gain - 3.5lb
% gain - 1.87%

Could have been a lot worse. But then I thought about it. Though I have been off track, and eaten too much. I HAVE NOT BINGED. In fact several times I've just not started eating what was on my plate if I realised I was full already. A few times I got big portions, then chucked half away once I was 'satisfied'. Not over full. Satisfied!! 

I've not gone shopping for baskets full of crap that I then quietly eat hidden out of view. I've not looked back at a days eating and felt sick at myself. I think, for the first time ever. I am really, really getting my head screwed on right.

The BIG issues are making bad choices in what I'm eating, not amounts. Lack of exercise and eating wheat again. After my gym induction last night I'm fairly sure sticking to the plan my trainer drew up will sort the exercise part, and to be able to do it I'm going to have to kick wheat, or die of breathlessness on the elliptical!

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